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      The Convergence of Life Science & Technology report

      In this edition of our Life Sciences 2030 series, we worked with YouGov to track the growing relationship between science and technology, and the momentum of their convergence.

      18 Sep 2023 2 minute read LIFE SCIENCE 2030

      robot life science

      In the last two years, we have seen social media giant, Meta, use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the structures of some 600 million proteins, NVIDIA, a gaming chip company launch Clara Discovery for drug discovery and Alphabet raise $1bn of investment into Verily, its life science offshoot.

      This big tech movement into life sciences is the tip of the iceberg with a depth of specialist companies across the technology sectors raising finance and making real differences in potential health outcomes globally, not in some distant future, but in many cases over the next couple of years.

      In our latest piece of work, we asked R&D managers at many of the UK’s leading life sciences research businesses what the future holds in order to understand the implications for location and property specific demand.

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      Life Science Abstract Background2

      We are witnessing an evolution of the life science sector both in the UK and internationally. Not only is the sector expanding rapidly but scientific developments are facilitating new techniques and product outputs.

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